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It`s our basement rules and it`s the reason of Company long-term and continuous growth.

We are daily applying the true innovations in food ingredients. As soon be boring, then we`ll stop.

p.s....no worries, this day will never come)

SHEF technology presentation

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Our principles

Self development

These are our basic principles and the foundation for continuous development. Introducing true innovation in food ingredients every day. If you get tired, we’ll stop introducing it. (we just love our work so much that such a day will never come!)


Operating with application laboratory SHEF Lab, we adapt and develop the breakthrough concepts that have no match оn the market. Thanks to our exclusive partners, we represent here the shortest and user-friendly access to global innovations being just launched. Exploring key raw materials, which rarely been used and adding a pinch of curiosity, we create and adapt innovative ingredients for the Russian traditional market. This is how we write the future of the meat processing industry today. World premieres of the ingredients market – and some of them are already in our warehouse!

The team of SHEF Technology consists exclusively from top industry professionals. We count only on experience and knowledge! Being the favorite vendor of many happy customers and their successful market projects – that gives a difference.

Work with us

Discover a new level of your professional opportunities.

We are always happy to give an outstanding job to ambitious person. Welcome to the lucky team of people who really enjoy daily work. If you always been self-motivated, ambitious person working on a result – welcome! And yes, we value all that capabilities better than market.

Our team
Boss- Boss , we need more innovations!

In pursuit of the formula.

Are you an engineer, technologist or researcher and are on the verge of discovery? So no one has ever done, but the first results are promising? Do you own a patent or utility model certificate for food ingredients? Do you have a breakthrough idea, or know-how?
SHEF technology is your easy way to get a feasible result from your bright idea. An international team of specialists will be able to implement it as efficient as possible and generate a long-term profitable business not only in Russia.

Our History

RHB GMBH (Germany) specializing in the supply of transglutaminase and functional ingredients for meat processing under the brand name SMART ingredients
SMART ingredients opens an independent sales office, becomes a partner of Campus SpA, develops a new line of business development and implementation of ingredients for dairy production.
Full size Cooperation with leading Italian innovation provider been established.
Active cooperation begins with Erfolg Mischung (Russia-Belgium), Meat&Trade (Serbia) and Kinry Food ingredients, inc. (China)
With further development of core markets in Russia and the ex-USSR, the SHEF technology brand of innovative food ingredients been created.
Active cooperation begins with Erfolg Mischung (Russia-Belgium), Meat&Trade (Serbia) and Kinry Food ingredients, inc. (China)
With further development of core markets in Russia and the ex-USSR, the SHEF technology brand of innovative food ingredients been created.


Functional products
Enzyme products
Milk ingredients
Other products
Brine systems — results that you did not know about before. Output and quality, surprising even experienced technologists. You will recheck the result several times, since it is immediately impossible to believe in it.
Dairy industry — natural cottage cheese yield and complete safety in use due to the liquid form of our enzyme preparation. Quality stability in high technology — the product is resistant to temperature, oxygen, freezing, and now in packaging that is resistant to sunlight.
Spice — bright and familiar to us premium and stable tastes from Uzbekistan, the country of the Silk Road, which has known spices for thousands of years.
Other products
Enzyme preparations — market leaders in functionality and quality stability. Innovative temperature and oxygen stable enzymes.
Functional ingredients — replacement of any complex mixtures, including those with the E index — pure taste and a clean label for the same money.
By industry
Milk ( 8% )
Meat ( 92% )

We can offer

Meat processing

Replacing soy isolate without increasing the cost of the product;

Natural color of meat products, including dried and smoked products - without the use of dyes;

The maximum yield of high-quality cooked-smoked, baked and other delicacies with the best cut;

Legal preservatives and antioxidants - not containing benzoates;

Innovative Fiber - No more synergies in the package.

Dairy industry

Output increase

Delicate structure

Cost reduction


Beautiful grain

Ease of use