SHEF technology
Food innovation provider
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SHEF technology - a dynamic Moscow based innovative Company in the field of special functional ingredients and complex blends for meat processing and dairy industries. We follow a philosophy of being unique in everything we do - from the technical solutions to ingredients offered, as well the cutting-edge business processes and special market positioning.

We are all doomed to eat thrice a day until the end of life.

So let's choose something that is tasty, nutritious and enjoyable.

Jamie Oliver

Our goal

No following well-known trends in food - we are here creating a new.

The strategic mission of SHEF technology is to be a known pioneer providing fresh bright ideas and technologies of food processing practices to our customers, using just arrived scientific discoveries and outstanding technical experience overseas.

Taste for knowledge
Food companies crave information on modern technological solutions, we commit ourselves to using all our resources and capabilities to meet your interests and needs.
Co-creation of decisions
Effective interaction with the client helps us to better study our customers' brand, product categories and customer thinking processes, which leads to better ideas of taste and quick access to the market of individual technological solutions.
Passion for taste
The research and development of original, reliable and stable supplements is the core of our core passions.
Partnership on the fly
Creation of unique taste solutions for food producers, catering establishments and restaurants.
Developing the future of taste
To elevate science and the passion of taste to a higher level, always focusing on the importance of people. A unique way of developing and testing allows our customers to meet high expectations regarding consumer health and clean labels.